Crashing in 99% of Games

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Crash - During Play

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I crash in 99% of missions I try after Hotfix 30 - I was able to complete an entire mission for the first time tonight since Hotfix 30 came out. I then promptly crashed in the next mission.

I can’t intentionally reproduce it. It just happens partway through a mission. Looking at the logs, it’s more often than not an engine crash with “Access violation (0xc0000005)”. Tonight my crash was GPU Hang related. The game is unplayable for me at the moment and I have no idea what happened since that patch or how to fix it, Darktide has never crashed for me before.

I have tried all the suggestions to no avail in here and here

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Yes, and I’ve tried disabling them

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Constant (100%)

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Steam (PC)

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GUID: a0a78740-f540-441c-aaca-c1e9717386cf
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console-2024-02-08-02.35.49-a0a78740-f540-441c-aaca-c1e9717386cf.log (631 KB)
console-2024-02-07-03.20.02-409f9d1f-1b7e-42f3-af37-fce0a727e8ce.log (141 KB)

Hi @boxy,

Sorry to hear this.

Regarding the GPU crashes, as you’ve tried our usual solutions already, the only other thing I can recommend to try is rolling back to a previous driver version to see if it’s the current latest GPU driver version that isn’t playing nicely.

For the Access Violation crash (0xc0000005), this is usually due to a conflict with Anti-Virus. I recommend checking this article out:

Please let me know how you get on.

Thanks Lev. I rolled back Nvidia drivers to 546.29 as I remember everything being fine in December (the previous maybe problematic driver version was 551.23).

I just now played one mission without crashing. I’ll play a bit more over the next few days and report back if there are more crashes.

Thanks for the update - that’s interesting to know. Hopefully it’s done the trick :crossed_fingers:

Unfortunately crashed again. This was a different crash than the Access Violation crash that I’ve been having, but it was still an engine crash. Logs attached.

GUID: 2ca1bb1b-105a-4d06-a6b4-ceddd6eb0caf
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console-2024-02-09-03.33.17-2ca1bb1b-105a-4d06-a6b4-ceddd6eb0caf.log (229.1 KB)

Another Access Violation crash. It’s weird, there is no error except that in the log file. Probably done with this game for a while.

GUID: 6a3ddf9f-7f43-44eb-b821-19f445b8dbff
Log File:
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