Crashes either on startup or after selecting character

Issue Description:
As written in the title the game will crash every time either on the start up or after selecting a character (sometimes i get ingame access my inventory and immediately crash as well if im lucky)
I do have mods installed i checked the last mod checked on the logs to disable it if that was the cause of the crash nothing, verified game cache same result, deleted the darktide folder in appdata nadda.
console-2023-11-17-19.19.17-618a01ac-a88d-452e-8e8e-208892ec5c6a.log (120.6 KB)
console-2023-11-17-19.29.01-7f87c144-9d09-4395-ac9d-cbca518bd7e0.log (35.4 KB)
console-2023-11-17-19.36.28-7287ac63-8b13-4dc1-876d-255063fc05f5.log (116.5 KB)
console-2023-11-17-19.37.20-1c5cdff1-44d9-4d34-a511-017322d51619.log (184.9 KB)
console-2023-11-17-19.44.40-19502e77-4a1e-4279-87eb-6a26dfc621bd.log (115.8 KB)

Reproduction Rate:

Could you see if there’s any improvement with the latest hotfix installed please?

I fixed it by restarting my PC and using the Selective startup on msconfig, was getting deadlock crashes as well but that was also fixed using the same method.