Crashes and bugs to report

  1. Crash happened in the Chaos Wastes on the map Bel’Shaziir’s mine. For rerference, i was playing Pyromancer.

GUID: 2c095def-5388-49ba-938e-2ca195b72b74
[Script Error]: …ystem/systems/behaviour/nodes/bt_skulk_around_action.lua:147: attempt to get length of local ‘nodes’ (a nil value)
[Crash Link]:

  1. At the beginning of the Citadel final map, before you teleport to start it, hordes have been spawning in at such a rate, the group i played with was not able to clear such a dense horde, and it gets exponentially worse when the modifiers “Exploding Skulls” and “Tzeentchs’ Lightning” are active.

  2. Patrols have been seeing seriously delayed spawnings and instant aggression. For example, Holshers Tower (sorry not spelling it right), if you head to the right, and you have the bridge above you, you will hear just the beginning of the Beastmen/Chaos/ Skaven Patrol and it will drop down without warning. I am sure i’ve ran into plenty of other bugs, but these so far are the most notable to me.

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