Crash to desktop problems

./sees 0xc0000142 error
./repairs EAC
./gets into game but told to verify game cache
./does so
./back to 0xc0000142 error

./pikachu face

This is a DLL-related error. Please uninstall the existing version of the Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributables, reboot your PC and reinstall from the Microsoft website: Latest supported Visual C++ Redistributable downloads | Microsoft Docs

  • You may be prompted with an option to repair, as opposed to install. In which case, please proceed with the option to repair

and the survey says…didnt work same error

still waiting on an actual fix for this problem

./hums jeopardy music

really not interested in being stuck on modded realms

Could you upload a crash report or console log, please?:

yeah im not jumping through hoops for what is essentially a problem with EAC i just need something to fix EAC

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