Crash on start

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Issue Description:
game is crashing after i press space bar, the game comes to a black screen, i can still hear raining from the game in the background and then the game crashes. I never got to chose any character or anything.

Crash Report (If Applicable):

GUID: 77fe0bfd-d94a-4177-9e74-8e86adce1206
Log File:
Info Type:

[Please see instructions on how to provide a crash report in the pinned Topic]

Error Displayed (If Applicable):
no clue


Player ID:
[Steam ID/Steam Profile URL/GamerTag]

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

Upload Console Log:

  1. Press the Windows key + R
  2. Enter %appdata% within the search input and select ‘OK’
  3. Navigate to AppData\Roaming\Fatshark\Darktide\console_logs
  4. Locate the console log that corresponds with the session in which the issue occurred, by looking at the timestamps in the log names
  5. Upload here

console-2022-12-06-00.21.11-9b5d06e3-f238-4ba5-93bd-9d100154e106.log (25.4 KB)
console-2022-12-06-00.24.23-acdf199a-8e2a-4efa-bd32-d47e021e8e03.log (31.0 KB)
console-2022-12-06-19.20.54-674c79dc-3ef2-457b-942b-2e4e7cd5c8c2.log (31.6 KB)
console-2022-12-06-20.12.20-94fcaa27-86c0-4878-9c7b-17d3752d7088.log (29.9 KB)
console-2022-12-06-20.16.44-77fe0bfd-d94a-4177-9e74-8e86adce1206.log (28.6 KB)

Hi @Potatofucker,

Can you please try updating your GPU drivers?