Crash logs

Below are my crash logs. The game will freeze after about 20 to 30 minutes of play, after which it will move at like 1 frame per 10 seconds. Here are all the things I’ve tried:

  1. fully uninstall and reinstall the game (including the files in the roaming folder)
  2. changing video card drivers
  3. switching to a different version of direct x
  4. creating antivirus exemptions for vermintide and anti-cheat (as well as shutting of anitvirus while playing)
  5. checking for file corruption via steam

Would any of this be impacted by moving from a wired to a wifi connection (I’ve tested my signal and its good strength and steady, but at this point I just don’t know what else it could be).

GUID: b274453a-9de4-4ff2-bc87-2f57ff806184
Log File:
Info Type:

Hi @mangeorge,

The logs show you’re running into a Deadlock type crash. There’s some reference to a Windows Update - it’s more of a shot in the dark, but do you have the latest Windows updates installed?

The only other thing that comes to mind, is a known issue introduced with the 4.9 update causing periodic game freezing.

Currently, we can only suggest to try disabling all mods, as this has had success in improving the issue for some players. However, we are working to release a fix to this as soon as possible.

Hello, thanks for your reply. I have the latest widows update, but I would be happy to try disabling all mods and see if that improves things.

Will let you know how things go.

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