Crash fix!

fixed mine constant crashing on my i7-12700kf, 3080ti! SOO if you have windows 11 this may be your problem. the issue is the 22h2 update. you can revert this in your settings its pretty easy check youtube for videos on it. once u go back to the older version of windows 11 update as needed but do not download and install 22h2.
after doing this my game works perfectly fine. this my be the problem on higher end hardware assuming they are running windows 11. hope this helps!

I clean installed Win11 after the 22H2 update was released so I can’t roll back :confused:

i played on older version of W11 and had constant crashes.
The only way to play for me is capping the fps at 60 …

I’m on windows 10 and get same error. It’s not windows 11 related.

I have the latest win 11 and experience next to no crash, maybe 2-3 since release date.