Windows 11 22h2 = constant crashes

Will update thread with more missions i crash on

[FPS locked to 60 with all high (it doesn’t drop/go higher)]

I had a windows 11 update today, what upgraded it to 22h2 and since that, the game constantly crashes. Before the update it ran perfectly fine at locked 60 fps

crash on: magistrati oubliette (tried on 2 missions), silo cluster 18-66/a, confinement yard 1736
no crash: power matrix hl1736

on Steam

PC Specifications:
AMD ryzen 3800x
32gb ram
game on a SSD
NVIDIA 2070 super

logs from 2 different crashes from magistrati missions

Console log
console-2022-11-25-18.15.01-2e6a27f3-55c7-4618-8e09-5cf06ac3e561.log (52.0 KB)
console-2022-11-25-19.15.30-4cf23e95-0b7b-477b-9936-d34b70dab72a.log (52.7 KB)

Crash dump
crash_dump-2022-11-25-18.15.01-2e6a27f3-55c7-4618-8e09-5cf06ac3e561.dmp (942.9 KB)
crash_dump-2022-11-25-19.15.30-4cf23e95-0b7b-477b-9936-d34b70dab72a.dmp (1.1 MB)

Darktide launcher log

darktide_launcher.log (454.2 KB)

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Same here. Crash after crash constantly within a minute or two in-game, sometimes already during entering Mourningstar or straight after. The game worked just fine earlier with max settings, during beta and after release with a few crashes here and there till I updated windows.

I tried everything I could think of - lowest settings, repairing game files, drivers etc., all usual stuff plus some. I’ve reported the issue to Fatshark multiple times but it seems that they simply don’t care about fixing the game we paid for. Probably a rollback to the previous windows version is our only way forward for now.

RTX 3090

i did a rollback after making this post and the game runs perfectly fine again

because you have to sit on Windows 10. Win 11 is still raw so badd. Use stable version 10


win 11 21h2 update, last years version, runs perfectly fine for me. sitting at high frames with no issues. this years 22h2 is just horrible