Crash during level loading

Did not have my hat as IB during countdown. (779.2 KB)
crash_dump-2021-06-10-17.45.18-6de60248-4152-4dc6-a031-b0522bec1fd8.dmp (832.0 KB)

GUID: ae454c01-3282-4658-9d9d-696bd9a52849
Log File:
Info Type:

[Script Error]: Unit not found #ID[afa9ddc189ad5e9c]Assertion failed world.resource_manager().can_get(unit_type, unit_name) at D:\agent-work\data-dir\engine_vt2\release\chaos_wastes_2021_03_08\runtime\application\plugin\c_api\c_api_world.cpp:67 in function stingray::plugin_api::world::spawn_unit

We’ll look into it, thank you!

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