Crash During Map Loading

Hello! I’ve tried to join some random qp game and the game crashed during map loading.
Here’s the report message:

GUID: 3665f0ff-7d30-4592-bffc-7d8288b30502
Log File:
Info Type:

[Script Error]: Unit not found #ID[a1779f1ea70a4180]Assertion failed world.resource_manager().can_get(unit_type, unit_name) at D:\agent-work\data-dir\engine_release_season_3_2020_05_04\runtime\application\plugin\c_api\c_api_world.cpp:67 in function stingray::plugin_api::world::spawn_unit

And console logs if needed:
console-2020-08-30-12.33.20-8d773b0a-193e-4375-ae0f-9a0452e93931.log (740.0 КБ)

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Thank you for your report, looks like this one is already in our database awaiting resolution. :slight_smile:


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