Crafting reds

Do you have a chance to craft reds?

The patch notes explain everything.

1 salvaged red equals 1 bright dust.
5 bright dust can be used to upgrade an existing item to a red.
Any properties it has will remain but will be maxed rolls.
If the item was less than 300 power before tge upgrade it will now have 300 power.
The item retains its illusion. Aka the newly minted red will not have “glowy bits.”

Everything else is pretty much the same. You can apply illusions, reroll it etc…

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I’m not talking about beta, I just want to know do you have a chance to get a red from crafting.

Okay I think I misunderstood you.

You want to know when you go to craft an item does it have a chance to be a red?
No it does not.

You also can’t upgrade an item to red in V1 either.

Awesome, thanks guys.

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