Crafting and Loot Improvements

Currently we’ve had two major issues that have continued to go unchecked for a long time that being the Crafting System and Loot System and here I will make a suggestion to improve both while tying them together a bit more.

-Improve Re-Roll mechanic by having the current traits/modifiers not show up again when you re-roll the item. This would lessen the RNG by just a small amount.

-Balance/Improve current Traits/Modifiers. A lot of these affixes are being underused either due to how finicky they work or how rare they come into being useful. An example of each would be Respawn Speed being rarely if ever chosen or Heroic Intervention being extremely rare to proc (I’ve maybe had it happen like twice at the most in a game). I think a lot of these affixes need to be looked at and I’m surprised they weren’t when Update 2.0 changed all the talents.

-Allow Red Dust to be found from Loot Chests starting from Champion and then to Cataclysm with the drop chance and amount of dust scaling higher for each difficulty. This will allow those who are relatively new to the game gain access to what items they want more easily + make the loot system a little more interesting for the following reason.

-Crafting Materials should have some sort of sink. Either it being cosmetic, keep decorations/art, Heroic Deeds and maybe effecting a level itself like having a chance in Lohner/Olyshea smuggler or magic in a cache of supplies somewhere but then have a unique enemy spawn as well to balance it out - something that can be repeatedly used since a lot of players would have 1k+ of materials sitting around. Red Dust could also be used sparingly in some cases which then makes such a material drop from chests a good purpose.

Anyway that’s my thought on some possible future changes that may improve the game in my eyes.

From AMA post:


Crafting is fundamentally broken and just flat out insulting with how much of players time it wastes.

Given how it is a topic ignored at every corner, it is pretty clear that QoL is at the very bottom of fatsharks list of priorities, even when it is such a broken, time-wasting feature. Instead of these incredibly flawed, broken features getting polished; we get leaderboards, timed weaves, “dominate the competition”.

Worst part is they actually fixed this issue for weaves, so whoever the competitive crowd is wouldn’t have to deal with rerolling hundreds of times anymore. The pandering is genuinely unbeleivable.
Luckily it didn’t pay off, WoM is a totally deserved failure - what a mess to clean up.

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