Countdown to Fatshark stream


Just a reminder.

I guess it is gonna be related with new dlc or new career. But who knows - maybe some info about Darktide =)

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Is there a set date for this? I haven’t heard anything about this.

Same, I’ve seen users mention the stream but no announcement that there will be one

There’s the countdown on their twitch but how many are gonna see that…

Yes. Look at “Streamlabs Stream Schedule & Countdown” in information panel =)

Sometimes those aren’t accurate. I know they haven’t been accurate in the past.

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Isn’t the twitch thing just a regular schedule that doesn’t mean anything

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We’ll find out tomorrow =)

Unsurprisingly, it was nothing. So someone just saw the regular schedule countdown and thought that meant something despite no announcement whatsoever

Nothing happens. Countdown just was reset and starts a new one =)

The countdown on there just loops by the way

If Fatshark was about to launch a stream, they would inform people about that on twitter at least.

I think they simply forgot to turn of their weekly schedule (they used to stream kinda regularly when the game was released). Apart from creating an awesome game like V2 the studio pretty much fails all across the board, esp when it comes to communication, just ignore it, even if it’s hard to wait weeks or month for a sign of life, we’re all in the same boat here ^^