Could you please consider supporting Vulkan API+async compute+AMD true audio and audio output device selection?

Hi, When I play games like talos principle or doom 2016 or red dead redemption 2 I can select the Vulkan API and get a slightly better more responsive gaming experience. Particularly in doom 2016 that games amazingly fast responsive and smooth its a delight to play in terms of graphics and performance. Please enable freesync support and low latency, currently your frame stacking feature is great and nice to see but if we could get some performance metrics to see GPU render output times as for example my 2017 Samsung QLED TV supports 4k 120hz HDMI 2.1’s VRR which is supported by all the AMD cards which allows for 4k120hz gaming at maybe 6 to 8ms of latency I’m wondering what the GPU latency and performance metrics are for your games render time and frame output TO the display and I believe that running VULKAN with asynchronous compute and every other feature you can find and enable for AMD CPU’s and multimeida extension/fidelity FX whatever would probably make the experience even better.

I would love it if we have the option to select the audio output device such as default WASAPI, or to enable Exclusive mode or event driven mode or WAVE RT and ASIO low latency support and adjust the amount of latency from the asio defaults like standard or safe/relaxed to minimum latency and asio buffer amount. As WASAPI is amazingly high quality audio a way of better tapping into existing audio hardware from I don’t know about 15 years ago when windows vista was first released please get with the times people… And had anybody ever picked up an AMD graphics card box within the last 9 years and its probably built into modern console hardware like playstation 3 and xbox 360 you would maybe have noticed the words written onlike an RX 280 or a RX 580 or a RX 5700XT box packaging the words “TRUE AUDIO” which GPU hardware processes the audio in higher quality allowing about 90% less CPU usage for audio processing, but I mean that was 9 years ago nowadays AMD supports newer versions of their TRUE AUDIO such as TRUE AUDIO next and who knows what… but I mean just because every game developer in the last decade cant read the packaging of a graphics card box doesn’t mean you cant get a massive raging clue sometime soon and use a modern SDK and type in the right words to make a function call link to somebody elses code this lifetime people.

I found with my atmos speaker system setting any game to dolby atmos actually lowers the audio quality slightly just to make it more positional slightly but its only really good for gaming with headphones I guess to listen for footsteps or something depending on how the atmos softwares configured. Could you look at free software media player apps and play around with the audio output and playback settings in all different speaker configs and stereo upmixing 7.1 to stereo and PCM to dolby ditigal AC3 live encoding and passthrough to playing back some dolby atmos demo sample video files and hardware passing it through to the receiver with both renderer and passthrough set to WASAPI and listen to the amazingly good audio quality and ask yourself why game developers haven’t figured out how to use some 15 year old windows or Linux software. Heck I’d settle for open AL or Xaudio 2.6 or 2.8 or whatever please give us some options so we can choose what sounds best and what lets us play best. I understand your game is very future proof in terms of graphics and hardware coz it barely runs on anything above medium settings at 1440p but I mean please consider letting us get some better performance easily by changing to VULKAN or TRUE AUDIO or at least WASAPI output.


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