cosmetics should be equipment!

Am I the only one disappointed that the clothes are cosmetics instead of being equipment it would be nice that depending on what you can equip it then allow you more armor or even increase the quantity of transportable ammunition or grenades it would have some things of nice to do I think… The gas mask could be used for something… The amount of gas in the game… The guy in full tank armor lacks a bit of logic as much as the guy in the dress… It would be one of the best updates you could bring glory to the Emperor.

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no, i wanted to play a co-op shooter, not an MMO wannabe that happens to have guns.


Cosmetic affecting gameplay is not a good thing, as it either will lead to cosmetic meta or to paid cosmetics being more effective.


I really don’t want the $10 a pop cosmetic sets actually affecting gameplay.


I came into this thread thinking you meant weapon skins. Which was what I still intend on commenting on anyway.

The Moebian 6th weapon skins are some of the best in the game and are actually another model of mark altogether. This is why them being stuck with a terrible color scheme is just awful. Why can we not select the weapon we’re using and then the camo scheme.


Probably the only right way to do cosmetics with stats, would be to double the slots and have one “normal” and one “visual override” slot for each bodypart.
Meaning 2 slots each for head, chest, pants, etc.
1st slot to put the cosmetic that you want to use for stats (which is visually shown, when 2nd slot is empty)
2nd slot to put something that overrides the visual aspect of the first slot (without granting bonus stats)

Any paid cosmetics could simply not have any stats, limiting them to the purely visual slot.

Although they probably would have stats, since that would make FS more money.
This would only be acceptable, if their stats are worse than the higher tier penance cosmetics.

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Your suggestion has a firm disagree from me for reasons already mentioned by other users above, although my counter-suggestion would probably be too demanding from Fatshark in general. Regardless, I’ve humoured you on this so please do humour me in return.

I believe that the “equipment” that you so described (if implemented at all) should ONLY be tied to the character’s LOADOUT rather than their cosmetics. Instead of a cosmetic set that has certain buffs your chosen cosmetics could change slightly to accomodate your loadout!

For example: Veterans who carry 4 Frag Grenades instead of 3 could have an extra Frag Grenade displayed cosmetically.


Ah yes, and spiky Trample boots for bleeding Oggie charge! And/or razor blades strapped to me biceps!!

I think this feature is a bit of a dream, but it’s a good dream :face_with_peeking_eye:


Some games like helldivers have perks integrated into the skin.
Some games like CoD or League of Legends have skins just to look cool.
Leave the mtx’s alone, in both senses, if you dont like it.

I’d love the idea of armor/equipment (backpacks?) actually doing SOMETHING for our operatives, but unfortunately cooler heads already pointed out it would immediately turn into P2W.

Unless all grindable cosmetics had the same stats as those purchasable in MTX store. Then again, It would require to release the MTX cosmetics in 3 different versions (for now let’s assume it’s just to match perks of cosmetic with “one side” of Talent tree).
The longer I think about the more complex it becomes. What if you don’t want to stick to one side of the tree. Or perks from equipment you like visually do not match with your gameplay?

And even more important question: would weapon nerfs follow implementation of such system?
Still - cool concept, but I don’t trust Fatshark to desing it well and in any sensible time frame.

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Even if they do have the effective cosmetics + cosmetic overwrite system they wouldn’t end up being able to do what OP want, as you could pick a gasmask as effective and a non gasmask one as visual, thus giving the gasmask effect without “wearing one” or the inverse, which would be weirder than simply have the cosmetics not matter at all


This would change the fundamental gameplay too much


Those problems do not exist, if there are visual slots and stat slots, as i explaind 4 posts above yours.

Adding stats to cosmetics, could make them more interesting to players who do not otherwise care about them.
It would also add some potential depth to build crafting.

But yes, what OP wants, would require the bonuses to be visually represented by the cosmetics, which is not something that most people would actually want.

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O my god please no. No. Nooooooooo.

I dont want another brunt like run for godroll equipment.

I spend nearly 15 millions gold for good laspistol (and not achieved it)


Yeah, I’ve read your solution after posting, so I’ve missed it, but hey - till such system is implemented the danger of screwing it up still exists. We also should expect weapon nerfs and whole shabang with rebalance.


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I think it would be a good idea.
As long as paid cosmetics don’t have anything special to them.
Like there is a free armor with attribute X + 10% and then there is also a paid one with the same attribute X + 10% but it just looks better.

If there was a free equivalent for all paid ones.

It would just be more interesting if the choice of “cosmetics” would matter more.

I agree that gas masks not making any difference against pox gas is a bit grating, but just about all the naysayers in this thread, even the rude ones, are right about how badly this would affect other stuff, so I don’t think it’d be worth it.

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