Cosmetic rollout vs Full catalogue

I wanted to bring up something that I haven’t really seen talked about, which is the nature of the cosmetic shops release cycles. I’m operating under the assumption that a certain number of cosmetics have already been made and are waiting to be released, we’ve seen this week that an outfit like the Steel legions was very popular for being both an awesome guard regiment and its similarity in appearance to Krieg. Now, if (Big if, as I have no idea if its the case) a Krieg bundle has already been made, and is currently waiting to be added, is it ethical to have tricked a good deal of players into buying the Steel legion bundle?

It would seem to me that having a full catalogue of cosmetics would be the most consumer friendly option as it would allow the player to pick what he wants exactly, rather then what we have which I’m highly concerned is going to manipulate people into buying bundles they otherwise would not have if they had known another option closer to what they want has already been made.


If they would release a full catalog the community would react like “since 300 days, no changes in store - always the same stuff… if you want my money bring new stuff”.

I think its super fair the way it is. New outfits, old still aviable - nice.

The whole world works this way. Did you know that a car brand has already the facelift on release day of a new model? They still dont release the facelift.
Did you know that clothing brands already finished the “winter 2023 collection” ?
Did you know that you butcher got delivered fresh meat this morning and still sells you his actual meat?

Fatshark is a very fair publisher, works with community and yes goddamn, they need to earn money.
There are just cosmetic premium items, no boost, no nothing. You can get full game experience by 40 bucks. - And community still cries “ohhh the cool outfit is behind a paywall”. - Goddamn yes it is.

I hope there will be no more changes and I will give fatshark always my money if they produce good stuff and good content. BECAUSE: my boughts not just give me the skin I got - they pay for the development and in exchange for that I got a nice skin.

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I mean you can’t get a full game experience for 40 dollars currently because by their own admission features are missing still.

I don’t think your comparison to cars or clothing is fair here, both of those are physical items created in factories that require special machines, molds, and settings, to create, these cosmetic bundles are just added to the store UI, theres no need to retool a factory floor to begin producing them. I accept that a cosmetic store is inevitable as its too much potential income to pass on, I don’t think they need to double down and also further manipulate their intended customers, which I very much fear the current store is designed to do.


You are correct, of course. But…
Consumer friendly practices go against the design intent.

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Fatshark is a very fair publisher

No they’re not. They’ve never been.

Works with community

No they don’t. They never have. It took the Community 2 years of QoL mods and complaints befoer Fatshark caved in and added them to the base game - giving you the Vermintide 2 everyone loved.

You can get full game experience by 40 bucks

No you can’t. Most of what was promised never made it into the game and what did wasn’t even finished.

And community still cries “ohhh the cool outfit is behind a paywall”

No we don’t. We just don’t want to be belittled with “you would find several pages of cosmetics confusing, so that’s why we’ve opted for a rotating catalogue with a timer which is totally against EU regulations with virtual currency to obfuscate the real cost and then we lie about it.”

Dude, please stop simping… It’s embarrasing.


Saying they’ve ‘tricked’ anyone is a bit silly. Nobody was forced to buy anything or fed false information. Bottom line is have more self control.
Regarding the actual practices, they and most other videogame publishers don’t care. Why show the full catalogue? It just means most people will buy the one skin they want and ignore the other 99% of crap. Slow rollout/rotating shop means you’d better buy X skin now, because you might never see any good skin again!
Yes it scummy and yes they know, and no they won’t do anything about it.

And that’s why these threads will keep going, and the negative reviews will keep rolling in, fair tradeoff, they should be happy.

Well, I was a week early with this post I suppose. I also believe I was wrong about my Krieg assumption which I’ll credit to FS, Steel legion may have been a genuine attempt at giving people something close to what they wanted that they had ready.