Cosmetic Overhaul/ What new Cosmetics would you like to see? Post pics

Please upvote if you would like to see a Cosmetic Overhaul to a system like this:

^This is a screenshot from Predator Hunting grounds, and they use a multi-layered cosmetic option for the head.

Would you all like to be able to mix and match different accessories such as a Bionic Eye + Headband, Goggles + Rebreather, etc.? It would also reduce clutter in the selections, and give much more variety to the players. Nobody wants to have to keep paying for a helmet they like with or without goggles.

Aside from this addition, what cosmetics would you all like to see added into game? This Ogryn Bone’ead helm would be amazing:

And of course, our missing Catachan Skins

^A Gene stealer skull would be an awesome touch


The colors of cosmetics are also available in the selection, further reducing clutter

Also, please don’t be pessimistic and say things like “FATSHARK WOULD NEVER DO THIS BECAUSE THEY WANT TO MAKE MORE MONEY”

They are a business, of course they want to make money. But they also believe in appeasing their dedicated player base to make that money. So just upvote if you’d like a better system such as this.

Cosmetics are just delayed… there are already lot of them ready.
That’s what make me upset…

you can see several, but not all cause I have seen more of the bots with the mod that change their appearance, here: Reddit - Dive into anything

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Yeah I’ve seen those, and the 10+ backpacks that were supposedly in the beta as well. I’m disappointed that they delayed them because of a bunch of people complaining who barely spent money on this game anyway. Now I’m sitting on 7k aquilas and don’t want to touch them until I see what I really want.

BUT if they are going to delay the cosmetics, they might as well bring them back in a new way. A much more diversified and decluttered way.

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An “Unconventional Allies pack” which are a complete DLC pack with various themed cosmetics for each class, some options being added as cosmetic options from the ships local surgeon, in of itself it would be a perfect paid DLC pack if it was developed and sold in fall in relations to Hallows Eve.
Here’s some examples just to name a few potential cosmetics for each class:

For the Veteran Guardsmen one easy moneymaker would be a Felinid Guardsmen, you can give them a nice striped fur pattern for their unique skin texture while the standard issue flak helmet has gets a cat ear variant. Its a lore friendly addition and we all heard some of the Operatives in Darktide wanting to meet them… :stuck_out_tongue:

For the Zealot Preacher you could go with a Genestealer cultist who fights for the Imperium, but in the grand scheme of things they do so in favor of their own twisted depiction of the Emperor, giving them a unique torso cosmetic that gives them a set of extra but unusable arms and a bit of a bigger head shape would flow naturally. There is a special rule called Brood Brothers for Genestealer cult after all. For a themed weapon mesh skin i could think of an auto gun fully covered in various alien markings and pieces of chitin decorating it for a more alien inspired look.

For the Psykinetic Psyker you can easily go with an Eldar Farseer inspired set, having that more regal aesthetic that elves are more known for and offer a few sharp jawed head options that include some long, knife sharp ears to boot, easiest weapon mesh reskin would be for the force sword. All Eldar are psykers to some extent and both the Eldar and the Imperium have often banded together at certain events as both their factions lives depend on each other.

Then there is the Ogryn Skullbreaker and the easiest fit for the hulking giant with a heart of gold would be an Orky giant, the surgeon could offer Ogryns a green skintone in addition to a face option that adds a nice pair of tusks on their bruttish jaw as well as some bright red eyes.
Unique weapon mesh would have to go to the Heavy Stubber, i can just imagine how much creative liberty the model artists will have orkifying an already orky looking weapon even further. Lore wise there are documented instances where Blood Axe and Freeboota Orkz actively seek out and offer their services to the Imperium for resources. So the idea of suddenly having a squad of Ork Kommandos fighting alongside a squad of humans isn’t fully out of the ordinary.

I mean idk I feel that’s just the current state of things. And the Psyker headgear shows that they plan on selling the different color options of the same gear, as the gold and silver skull plate options are both full price pieces.

There is also a possibility that they are contractually obligated or something similar by Tencent to have the system as it is. At least that’s part of the reason I feel like we have the Aquilla system and probably won’t be able to earn Aquillas freely, but that’s just all speculation on my part.

I would love to see Adeptus Arbites Armor. Also Inquisitorial Stormtrooper/Tempestus Scion gear. I’m getting kinda tired of the same old grubby scrounged together armor look. I want to see some crisp fancy stuff.


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Also, please don’t be pessimistic and say things like “FATSHARK WOULD NEVER DO THIS BECAUSE THEY WANT TO MAKE MORE MONEY”

They are a business, of course they want to make money. But they also believe in appeasing their dedicated player base to make that money. So just upvote if you’d like a better system such as this.

The argument is also frankly misguided.

If I kinda like an outfit, but not in that color, or not with those accessories, I won’t buy it. You can say “ah, but they’ll sell you the alternative later,” but really, what are the chances they will?

In my experience, even thought they take more work, entirely new outfits are way more likely to get added to a cash shop then every possible permutation of each outfit (if for no other reason than because selling a bunch of reskins is difficult to market).

So we might as well get the choice.

Anyway, if you can mix and match accessories and color them to your liking, every item added to the cash shop becomes more valuable because the number of ways they can be combined is exponentially increased. If you only sell one-piece outfits, and I finally like an outfit, I’ll go right back to buying nothing.

In the end it also makes business sense to give us options because it drastically increases the potential customer base of each item added.

So absolutely, that’s my cosmetic feedback. I want to see the extra bits on outfits be independent of the outfit so I can mix and match them, and I want to be able to color them to my whim, even if it’s a curated list of colors.

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Frankly… what I would want:

  • more hair cuts
  • a possibility to customize faces and make them older or younger
  • a possibility to fix chest, legs and breast for the females
  • a possibility to choose colors of the cosmetics

This is seriously something we see in lot of games nowadays. How it is not here in Darktide?

Having the possibility to mix things on your face… why not…
I am desperate about appearance… no new cosmetic, woman have no breast, all chars have 15 haircuts to choose from… And now that I can play in 3rd person, I would love so much to be able to use cool appearance…

Also I would want also the possibility to change anything in game (even the name).


I’d love to actually be able to change the decals on my armor and change the individual parts ie shoulder pads gloves etc etc, also id love to be able to layer facial scars, also weapon customisation :)))

More hive ganger stuff would be nice, would make choosing the hive ganger option for veteran more relevant lmao

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Been saying for a while that I wish FS had gone with something more similar to the new Ghost Recon games for their 40k dress up sim, bare minimum. A lot of the outfits people pick are so samey and just having some basic clothes layering would have done wonders to encourage more unique outfits.

Ideally it would have been something like a base layer for shirt/pants/facewear, then an armor layer for body/arms/legs/helmet/hat. I’m a huge sucker for deep customization options and was ready to be a good little paypig for this game, but the current implementation of cosmetics is so bad.

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Yes, more haircuts, faces, and the ability to increase or reduce muscle mass on a character. Personally, I love the ugly faces. These are prison convicts afterall, not models. In fact, I want even uglier, more rugged faces.

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karaskin armour, and let us dye armour for the emperor sake!



Paid cosmetics are the Voldemort of Darktide. If you mention them, a horde of angry gamers will descend upon you with lists of imaginary demands that must be met before Fatshark is allowed to earn money on the game.

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