Control stat

Can we add a control stat for the end game scoreboard?
Just a little something so our tanks know they have done something / see if they need to improve.


This, and many other things, have been requested on the scoreboard since the launch (and earlier). As it is now, the only actually useful stat is Damage Taken, as it’s the one reflecting your general skills best. The rest are mostly irrelevant (if you don’t care about them, as should be) but fun, or actively encouraging bad play (if you do care about them). A few are relevant on specific careers (Boss dmg, Elite kills, Special kills) but outside those careers, even they reflect nothing of your real skills. Unfortunately, the scoreboard is the only way we currently can objectively evaluate our performance, and thus many people put way too much weight on it.

The best thing to happen would likely be separate scoreboard for each career, possibly somewhat customisable, with comparison to your previous games (and option to compare with others, just for fun) and way more stats tracked than now. And the best way to get that would be through mods, very likely. Even with them, some things that have been proposed might be too hard to track.

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Or friendly fire or random assassin jump through the wave or that you’re just good at managing white HP.

Actually, imo, this is the LEAST useful stat in the scoreboard.

Well, the rest reflect your career and equipment selection more than your personal skills. I’m not saying I’m happy about how Damage Taken works, but as things are, it’s the only stat I can use to gauge my general performance. I could compare my stats to previous runs, with same Career, preferably the same equipment setup and in the same map to see how far I’ve come, but in practice that’s just not possible now.

In my opinion, the scoreboard could (and should) be used to follow personal skill improvement, but for now, it’s best used just for a moment of extra fun at the end of runs.

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