Constat : Rtx 4080

Spec :
Amd 5900x
Rtx 4080 16gb
16gb ddr4 3200mhz

(Soon upgrading to i9 13700k and 32gb ddr5 6200mhz )

With everything high-extreme, DLSS quality and Frame Generation On, im around 150-300fps.

First, would be nice to have setup to lock frames at 240hz.

2nd, on some maps game is extremly fluid even when it drops to around 150fps during big hordes or something, but in some other maps with the exactly same amount of frames game seems very laggy (specially on new maps) so i think its problem about optimisation on some maps. And frames not really stable when there is explosions (weapon of orgryn for exemple) its almost perfect on good maps but would be so amazing if frames stayed stable around 240. Hope new cpu and ram will help with this little.

I guess the laggyness comes from framegeneration interpolating 30 FPS to 300.

No without frame generation and dlss i have around 100fps, and feel of lagginess is just on some maps but not every of them

Yeah, ok. Maybe not in the cases where you have 300 FPS.
But if 100 FPS are interpolated to 300.
When the interpolated result is only 150 as you mentioned on some maps the original FPS might have been as low as 30 or something.

What resolution? There’s no way you’re getting those FPS numbers unless you’re on standard 1440p or something. Even then I find it hard to believe. On Ultrawide the game drops to 100 fps during hordes even with frame generation. Playing the game on a 4090.


I have a 4080 (rather pay an extra $150 to nvidia than an extra $1000 to a scalper for a 4090) and a 5600X (PBO to 4.85ghz) with 32 GB of DDR4 3600.

I’m running at 3440x1440, no DLSS, no RT. High on everything except for blur and DoF. I’m getting about 80-100 FPS most of the time. Occasionally drops to 60 when the poo hits the fan.

exactly the same setup as you (4080+5600x, but on 32gb ddr4 3200mhz)…why would you not use DLSS and Frame generator???

I did start using DLSS on Auto. It stays over 100 nearly all of the time, but still some occasional drops. I don’t use frame generation because it adds extra latency and doesn’t ‘feel’ right to me.