Connection issues from China

I am playing from China so I need to use a VPN to connect as some of the servers used by Vermintide 2 are blocked from here.
But I’ve received a number of server error reports stopping me from playing.
(worth noting I’m playing with a friend who is also in China and isn’t having these issues and we recently played through Vermintide 1 without these issues)

First, was the “Sign-In Timeout” error.

Following the advice here I tried verifying the integrity of game files, restarting steam, and PC.
I also flushed my DNS and checked that there was an exception in my firewall for Vermintide 2.

That worked for a little bit and I was able to play the prologue and join a friend’s lobby.
However we almost immediately disconnected when we started the game and I received “Backend Error: SSL_CONNECT_ERROR”.
Since that happened I’m unable to get past the initial loading screens.

Following advice elsewhere on these forums I checked with this site and got the following result.

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Is trying another VPN an option for you? Just so we can rule out whether this is isolated to the VPN or not.

Hi Julia, this seems to have fixed the issue.

I was using Astrill before and switching server locations didn’t help.
But I tried a different VPN provider (express) and can now connect.

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Good to know! Thank you for checking, it helps us out a lot too.

Should you wish to continue using Astrill it may be worth reporting it to Astrill Support. It also may well be a short-lived issue that will resolve on it’s own.

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