Congrats fatshark, have proven to be yet another company 🤮

first :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:


ubersreik five 5th anniversary, and you didn’t set anything up, give a brick border and do a little live, wow, no bardim skin with a beer or a cake for a hat, no kerillian skin wearing a torn dress (warrior princess style) or anything like that, they didn’t even give a raskinit hat to the players like the mgalodom hat… NOTHING


the desert of chaos is more unfair than when you put the boses with those marks right at the beginning of this game mode, a herd of oxen with armor right on the first level where the player has nothing… or a horde of mouse machine guns right on the first map… not to mention how unfair the final level is, especially in the citadel of eternity, where it stops If you win most of the time your character will need to be ridiculously strong to beat the bosses or your team NEEDS to have a bardim with the bomb build or a shade to be able to kill the bosses, aren’t you ashamed of yourself? this makes it playable only meta classes in the desert of chaos of course if you want to win, It’s past time to take out the mini sanctuaries of random weapons and replace them with a mini sanctuary where you choose the perks of your weapon, then you choose a perk per level, really assembling a weapon with attributes that work like swifit slayer and etc, if players do not get broken attributes in the chest of trials or wherever at least they can count on the skill having weapons that are good, and returning to the chest of trials, at level 1 you could put a boss with the brand that you want as a maximum challenge spawns infantry minions, at level 2 it could become more challenging like a pack of lichs and then at level 3 there should be a herd of rats with a machine gun or oxen with armor, this is such a basic thing that it makes me want to :nauseated_face: :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:

I’m using emojis because if I used words I would probably be banned from the forums so if you were offended by vomit emojis the problem is you and not me

and the players who entered your street, for example, in the citadel of eternity, should receive red weapons, since it is the last level


the shielded enemies could have something like, if you get too close to them they give you a shield slap that drains all your stamina if you defend against it or stuns you if you don’t defend, and then there are the bots, you don’t manage to give them good commands for example ordering that one of them give you a potion or something, you drink a potion of power and then send the bot to give you the infinite bombs for example, currently the closest bot gives you the potion he has and that’s horrible it’s past time to make these quality life improvements


I know that the cloth dealers are coming to defend the fat shark with claws and teeth saying that everything they do is right and that changing vermintide for darktide is correct, you have no solution

abandoned a gold mine for a piece of :poop: space

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Nothing happening? Nothing at all…

Nothing to see, carry on.

You are trying to say that latecommers should get more than a pitiful amount of coins? I do agree actually, completely so.

That´d be too OP for clanrats while rotbloods already got enough bulk…and i think the stormvermin with shields actually do push that break your block entirely for a second or two. At least the normal ones do.

Ah yes, the classic “anyone who does not agree with me is stooopid and has no right to argue” argument.

Now because i feel like it i will state it.

I do not like the heavy focus on Darktide but i recognize the driving force behind it (business) that is needed to keep the company going at all. As for Vt2 being a goldmine? No unfortunately, game was niche to start with and post launch glory was never really super big, especially not after the wonky launch. I am not saying Darktide is any better, looks worse to me really, but an orange being orange does not mean an apple is a melon.

As for new factions, big updates&whatnot, well, considering how badly WoM went…


Are you saying that the crappy new map from fuego nasus’s sister is an update worthy of the fifth anniversary? when it hasn’t even been released yet?

and not my argument in the ofi saying that anyone who does not agree with me is an idiot, my argument is for the type of idiot who says: “THEY DO WHAT THEY CAN, I DIDN’T LIKE IT, DO IT BETTER” and for that type of people who yes, I’ve already met a lot the ones here on the forums

they threw vermintide in the trash can and darktide is vermintide but with different skins the rootbloods are blue now

A company proven to be a company? Well done, Scooby. :+1:

Hopefully in the bin of unrealistic dreams where it belongs. How would that even work as a boss in V2?

first I wrote "a company🤮 " and second it would work like this, a little song would play announcing a boss and then a dragon infested with rats would appear, about the size of a demon fire rat ogre marching towards you, it would shoot some energy balls and try to headbutt you , I’m sure if I was saying that I want them to put chaos spawn as a boss and I was saying that she would hold you with a tentacle and eat you recovering health people like you would say that that would be too op and that it shouldn’t even exist and well it exists, it is real and it serves perfectly to be your waifu because people like you can only have this type of waifu denying incredible things to the game, why are you not going to play minecraft in pacifista with pokemon mod and with gamemode turned on?

Clearly we have very different views on what a hell pit abomination is.
I’m all for new bosses and other enemy types, I was just them to actually make sense. I don’t want them to add a bunch of stuff that doesn’t fit just because it’s cool or incredible in other games/media.

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I mean, plenty of games do not really have a anniversary at all, and for a small game with like 5k (or less by now?) semi active players its not bad to even have a rotating game mode in note of it.

And we got an update citing that we are getting a free map, just like the last map released before that ontop? Not bad. Mayhaps not amazing but not bad. I think it bears repeating that another company could easily have decided to add a pricetag of 10-15$ for a standalone map, let alone two.

Vt2 kinda lost the chance of ever going anywhere big with how badly the launch went, and WoM didnt help that. Nor did the lack of balancing or bugfixes that has been ongoing ever since the start with some bugs living on for years. So saying that they dropped it in favor of Darktide doesnt quite add up…since it was already on the floor.

Does that make those of us who stuck with it weird? Maybe not, but we cant really reasonably demand more from it going by how things have gone. Or we really are greedy at the very least.

Eh, game looks reasonably different and its different in the sense that its mainly a shooter with added melee rather than the reverse like Vt2 as far as i understand it. As for Darktide only being a re-skin…well, its a game in the same genre made by the same people that switched from fantasy to …fantasy sci-fi? It´s not strange that Vt2 players will feel that things are similar.

Idea is that it being a fantasy/sci-fi 40k shooter is that it does appeal to a bigger audience and that´s where the kicker is.


oh and before i forget, a hell pit abomination is gigantic, i do not think we could have a reasonable boss fight against one. A vague attempt at describing its size would be saying that a rat ogre is size 2, a bonecrusher ogre is size 4, and a hellpit is size 8-10.

Huge arse thing, if it ran at a single person it´d be like facing a moving apartment complex.

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I’m not happy about bugfixing being virtually dropped (there’s years old bugs still there), but otherwise I’m quite happy about the updates. One content drop a year is less than I’d hope, but still acceptable for a fairly old game, especially since they have improved their monitization model.

They’ve also shown some love in the form of Lohner’s journal.

My final jugdement is still depending on the state they leave the game in the end (bugfixes, and changes like moving those damnable beastmen away from the wrong maps), but things could be a lot worse. If anything, they should start gathering feedback for the next one (i think if they went away with the level grinds, the game would be much more accessible and fun to casual players: I love the franchise, I can spend some time levelling up, somebody new, that doesn’t know already how fun the endgame is, will probably not care enough to get there)

it’s amazing how the answers in the comments come from people who are satisfied with so little, like wow players who are satisfied with an npc telling you to kill an enemy 100 times and as a reward he gives you a glove… made of cloth… and then in the game comments they say “lots of fun content” you guys are all lumber boomers to me with a 2002 mindset when it comes to gameplay

I don’t like the grind (I’ve said as much), but the game gave us a lot of content over the years.
Chaos Wastes in particular was the big update nobody expected, and now they are back to adventure maps, like I hoped - and all these are free updates, along with purchasable cosmetics.

They have had their misteps - design and monitization both - and they didn’t fix all of those, but they also did some updates aimed at gaining nothing but goodwill (a quiet drink, geheimnisnacht, lohner’s lore…). That gives them some from me.


I’m gonna…
I’m gonna…

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YAAS YES this is the spirit!

Nice to meet you, Mr. Troll.

Don’t worry, there are years old bugs in Darktide too.

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