Comprehensive Feedback Regarding The Penance System

Fully agreed on the General Positives, Criticism and Improvements.

The progression track itself is as you said, well designed but the rewards leave a lot to be desired. Both the quality and ‘cool’ factor of the cosmetics don’t feel impactful at all. Funny enough my personal autism is also very bothered by the rarity of cosmetic rewards. Why is it that redacted old penance gear is orange and the top of the line 4500 points stuff is merely purple?

Other than that I’d say that the general ‘balance’ of the penances is all over the place. Some of the aura penances can be finished within the first 5-10 minutes of a mission. Others take an ungodly amount of time, which I honestl don’t mind, but I’d like to have them adjusted to be more balanced across the board. Or have the complexity/effort required to be tied to the rarity of the reward given.

I was honestly surprised to find so many penances teaching actual good behaviours.

Situational awareness is probably going to be the last penance auric damnation players will ever finish due to the nature of barrel damage to mob hp ratio.

Agreed on the suggested extra boss penances. Even auric players seem to not know that you can charge/grenade a swallowed team mate out of a BoN.

Staged penances should give a reward on every level, not just level 4. Agreeing with this as well.

Apart from the things you mentioned I’d want more extremely difficulty penances to chase after. Have them only reward trinkets or something trivial so people won’t whine about not getting them, but just give us something to chase after. Auric Storm survivor was honestly a bit of a mess with the fact that it could be cheesed, not to mention very disruptive to regular maelstrom gameplay with all the alt+f4ing.
But I’d enjoy weird stuff like time challenges, killing X amount of specials within x seconds without taking damage from any source or borderline stupid penances like completing a full maelstrom run without ever killing a trapper (Dodge-A-thon), have a poxhound follow you for X meters without it taking damage (who’s a good boy?), hell give me special related insignias for stuff like that.


You’re going to wish the heretics got to you first


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