Competing Playstyles

There are currently two playstyles in the game, I have named them according to there source.

First we have the Vermintide Way, wich is promoted by the official discord veterans, and there extensive knowledge in medieval combat, and the years they put into vermintide.

Second we have the Darktide way, wich is the way anybody that treated the game as new game plays it, and involved gaining experience/confidence by working your way up the difficulties.

Now lets talk about the fine points of these play styles and the experience one gets from them.

Vermintide Way

  • You have to refuse to play any difficulty other than damnation, because Darktide is a fatshark game, and all games are the same.
  • Involves repeating the following cycle: Spot an enemy->Run back till enemy dies rinse and repeat.
  • Due to this they spend more time backtracking then running back to where they where, instead of progressing thru the mission.
  • Sometimes they go from the middle of the map all the way to the start point with 2 crushers in tow.
  • Where I’m from this is called being a coward.
  • In the battlefield this is known as breaking the line, or being a coward.
  • These players are always frustrated/mad.
  • Matches last between 35-60 minutes, with most averaging around 45.
  • Successs ratio sits between 30-50%
  • They make around 450 plasteel in a win, if they really tried, and average 75 on a loss.
  • The previous data probably explains why they are always frustrated.

*Data was collected across 10 matches with people on the Official Discord, following there orders, and listening to there advice. This was confirmed by everyone asking to take it slow.

The Darktide Way

  • It involves playing Darktide.
  • Working youre way up the difficulties on quickplay with random people, till you are averaging 25 minutes a match.
  • You do not sprint thru anything, other than to find more enemies to kill.
  • You either hold the line or push, because the extensive combat experience, and confidence you have obtained from working your way up the difficulty ladder, has turned you into a professional killing machine.
  • You do not flee from monstrosities.
  • Since they worked there way up the difficulties the 25 min average also applys to Damnation.
  • They also average 700+ plasteel per success.
  • They are always happy, and loling about stuff.
  • This is due to a higher success ratio (75-90%) than those that choose the vermintide way.
  • Where I’m from these people are known as Heroes.
  • In this game they are known as Seasoned Inquisitors.

*Data was collected from just queing up for quickplay Damnation with whoever it popped, and everyone did there thing as they naturally learned to play. This was confirmed by no one asking to take it slow.

So I dunno about you guys, but personally I went the Darktide way, the first one no matter how you wanna spin it, or call it"taking it slow" is the coward/unprepared way to play, wich results from subjecting yourself to a difficulty you are not ready for, and not having progressed thru the difficulties building up your confidence and combat experience.

Instead you should find a difficulty you are comfortably completing missions in under 30 mins on quickplay with random people, and stick there till you average 25. If you are as good as you think you are, other than in damnation, you should be able to pretty much carry the whole group on whatever difficulty , and use it as a sign, that you are ready to move on to another difficulty.

and there is a troll way… just troll every day o this forum compering unrealistic scenario with another unrealistic scenario


You just can’t stop hating on Vermintide players huh?


I don’t know who you played with or how you played Vermintide 2 but that’s not my experience over 2000+ hours. Everyone always go for the tomes and grims, and most are constantly running ahead.

Funnily enough I see MORE back tracking and missions taking longer in Darktide because tomes and grims spawn in random locations, and because people are looking in every nook and cranny for plastic and diamonds.

They also back track to pull ranged enemies away from advantaged locations and around corners to more easily engage in melee.


You might enjoy this game more if you stop trying to tell people how to play the game. You have a weird chip on your shoulder and all of your threads are bombing.


Sometimes you have to fall back though. Sometimes taking it slow is also necessary. Each match has so many variables it’s impossible to catagorize players like this.

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The only thing consistent is that OP is somehow upset at Discord and now feels he needs to make a half dozen threads detailing how to play the game.

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—Begin Entry log—


Warning. Warning.
Warning. Warning.
W A R N I N G.

Malfunction detected in: Servitor Unit Zarray-4 Model Z4
Located in coordinates: 7-9-7-7-7 / General / D 4 R K T 1 D 3

Error Report: 3001 - Unit failed maintaining connection to Decision Management Server.
Unit mischaracterizing friendlies as tangos.
Unit mischaracterizing friendlies as tangos.
Invalid data at registry entry point: 0x000007977700079777
Invalid return values: NIL

R E Q U E S T I N G - I M M E D I A T E - R E P A I R ! - U N I T - O V E R H E A T I N G!
Repeat. Statement.
R E Q U E S T I N G - I M M E D I A T E - R E P A I R ! - U N I T - O V E R H E A T I N G!
This is not a drill.

—End of Log Entry—

I don’t really know, why you are characterizing Vermintide players and Darktide players so differently.
I get there is some Vermintide vets who are dissatisfied with Darktide, but overall you make sweeping generalizations that don’t hit the truth really.
There is a big overlap in Vermintide and Darktide players. I’d argue a good chunk of the core playerbase of this game is from Vermintide originally and also came for the Tide gameplay / Fatshark gameplay, rather than the 40k IP (It will probably be some 50/50 split what attracted people).

What I have found is that Vermintide Vets usually have the melee down really well and have an easier time adopting, whereas new players actually have to get used to the system.


I didn’t have time to read all that, but I know I get fun from games like this from the challenge, so…
*checks which play style has lower success rate

Vermintide Way!
Yeah, I want Vermintide Way.
If I wanted to quickly run and gun, killing clueless idiots around the map, I’d just play CoD.

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literally none of this makes any sense


gamelength tends in my observation to mostly correlate with deaths. more deaths the games take longer. if you want quick games don’t die, and as s correlation some of the best games i’ve played have been longer cause i gotta rescue people a few times. the scoreboard mod doesn’t save length for some reason but i would say most of my games are in the 25-30 minute mark? the high shock game i recorded was 41 and i was uptempo fraggin the entire time.

some of the things you are complaining about are kind of odd. the second group is twice as fast and also collects twice as many resources. i think you are objecting to kiting in the first section, getting mobs in controllable clumps and leading them around the map as you kill them. that’s an important skill particularly in a clutch, you often wanna make nice big circles while you wait for the rescues to come up. it’s also pretty important for clumping a bunch of guys at a choke, i find i do that as zel a lot.

but like i played vermintide twice and didn’t like it. most of this stuff is just very basic positioning strategy. pick somewhere it’s good to fight and move the fight there.

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