Community Update #3: Pre-Weekend Status - 1.0.8 Update

I’ll give it a shot, thanks :slight_smile:

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Do we have an update on the windows store patch timeline?

“some highly devoted rejects (12%) spending more than 30 hours! The Emperor Respects.”

looks at 77 hours of game time

I might need help

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Zealot charge has been fixed to match the description and no longer gives gauranteed crits for 4 seconds or so but instead only boosts the fisrt instance of damage. This fix is a massive nerf to zealot who wasnt even close to being op before.

I assume since the behavior matches the description now that this was intentional but i urge you to revert this fix fatshark. Zealot feels so much weaker now.

Performance is much, much better and looks surprisingly good at lowest settings. However increasing the threads to 8 causes me to crash every couple of minutes unfortunately. The game must have a serious issue with multithreading, go I guess we just gotta wait.

whoops, i forgot one thing.
ctrl +f: lod_object_multiplier
and set it’s value to 0.1 from 1.0

ctrl+f: max_worker_threads
and set it to 1 if you wanna remain with just 1

i’m sure they’ll eventually fix it, seems like devs are working overtime.

My naive interpretation of the logs is that it’s a concurrency issue, which is why it’s random. It looks like one thread is trying to access the gpu when another thread has released it. Or something. Or some sort of race condition trying to talk to the GPU I have no idea.

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Is there any update on the mouse cursor bug? I pretty much stopped playing because no matter what I tried I couldn’t get the cursor off my screen. Judging by the 4.1k views of this known issue (which was in the closed beta too) it’s not an uncommon problem.

I mean, it’s actually unplayable and we’ve got crickets on this. On launch day either I have no cursor on my screen or I refund, simple as.

press enter, then press enter again.

JFC you think this would be a problem if HITTING ENTER TWICE SOLVED IT?!

Yeah, I’ve hit enter twice. I’ve hit enter and backspace. I’ve done alt+enter. I’ve uninstalled mouse and keyboard software and used an older mouse and keyboard. I’ve unplugged my second monitor. I’ve removed every overlay I can find on my system. I’ve re-installed drivers. I’ve hunted for software that will turn the cursor invisible and even THAT doesn’t work.

This is why I’m asking for an update. If hitting enter twice worked then I wouldn’t be here.

pressing enter twice works for me when the cursor is acting up, so yes, i thought it was worth trying.
gl either way

Played a bunch more games on Heresy this evening and as usual there were some things not in the patch notes or there’s just some weird stuff going on:

  1. Endless horde seems even more endless with Elites/specials spawning in greater number namely triple trappers, dogs and mutants which can be a bit insane

  2. I could deal with above better if dodge nerf had been reversed for reliable movement options but right now it’s just pure anxiety when so many specials spawn at once and not in a good way

  3. Dogs are even buggier than before and seem to change direction in a completely unnatural way and lag all over the place (even more than before)

  4. Either some health pools have been increased and/or hitreg is worse because some enemies including trash mobs and dogs/mutants feel tankier than yesterday using the same gear I had before
    (Could be placebo but something feels off)

  5. Performance improvements of 1.07 (I gained about 20-30 fps on average with a 3070 and Ryzen 5 3600 16gb ram) have been lost for me and now I’m regularly ducking below 60 in areas I wasn’t before - with all settings on lowest possible, ambient occlusion off and DLSS set to balanced.

  6. The big subtitle text size bug from closed beta is back with a vengeance.

  7. Chip damage through toughness needs some serious tweaking/reworks and puts Zealot especially in a weird place where his kit makes very little sense - I rarely risk being low hp and playing around martydom now because it’s not worth the risk of going down on heresy/damnation

Tactical Axe and Combat Knife now feel better but the Dodge reset timer nerf still feels dreadful to play; it’s ruining the rhythm of combat, making it harder to react to bad situations even when good teamwork is involved. Please make melee fun again (#bringdodgeback) because this is seriously not fun guys.

EDIT: The previous unintended behaviour of Zealot’s ult giving you 4 seconds of crit should have been left alone - call it a happy accident, given how often you run into double/triple or more crushers or similar enemies, zealot could dash in do high burst single target damage for a few seconds which felt great but still high risk/reward and skill based. Now it feels almost impotent with anything other than a high crit Knife/Axe build. 3 seconds of crit after dash would be a decent compromise.

On the plus side - less crashes and 2001 internal error disconnects with this patch so that’s something!


Disconnects are less common but it feels the game is worse to play.

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Dodge is anemic and annoying.

Weapon animations still need looking at, the Bolter’s drawn out equip animation specifically feels awful, and re-cocking every single Ballistic weapon on equip is just annoying.
(Helbore lasgun feels bad too)

Damage bleeding through toughness needs to go, it’s detrimental and un-fun.

Please work hard to improve it before release, as where it’s at right now feels hit and miss.

I’ve played almost 50 hours, level 30 Veteran, I exclusively use the Plasma Gun because it’s the only viable weapon for higher difficulties.
Boltgun’s animation makes it pointless for urgent situations and the other weapon choices are pretty much exclusively for horde-clear and unarmoured specials.

Guns need work.
Melee is in a good spot but the other melee weapons need to be made to match the usefulness of the power sword.

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I had 40 at the time and I didn’t play much, because of the crashes … was my perception … :smiley:

Alt + Enter twice will fix it. (Not just enter)

Wait, they reverted that? That explains why my elite/armor killing capacity and speed went down so severely at damnation. This gimps the ability even harder on higher difficulties since the limited toughness you have is already gone the moment you fail to dodge 2-3 rangers shooting you. The fact that you now can’t even reliabily delete single target elites is kind of a bummer.

I really wonder if the balance team is actually playing each class on the highest difficulties.


4 seconds of crits is a crazy long time.

Yep I was playing Zealot on damnation last night and it feels rough. It’s pretty self evident at this point that the devs don’t have time to test everything, that’s partly why we’re here - but the last two patches’ balance changes are turning zealot from high risk/reward to just high risk and less fun to play.

4 seconds of crit is about enough time to burst down 1 maybe 2 crushers for example - but the time isn’t the only issue. The fix now makes weapons with chain attacks such as the chain axe and eviscerator absolutely useless on skill activation because it only counts the first hit from the weapon and it’s not working with the special attack at all which surely can’t be intended.

This guy in another thread figured this out already: Imma just gonna rant about ult fix for zealot here

If I’m playing damnation I’m now having to burn through both my dashes just to kill one tanky target quickly yet alone 2 and that does not feel good. I noticed lots of people are heavily leaning on the bugged lacerate trait right now but once that gets fixed I expect there will be a lot more disgruntled zealots out there.


Only thing allowing me to survive on damnation right now. Otherwise I’d have to skip most melee engagements and rely on sniping with a bolter. Which in itself makes no sense for the class as I’d rather cut the crap and switch to Veteran right away.

I don’t understand how FS came to these conclusions when it came to balance. Out of 4 meager classes only one is really viable and others are relegated to supporting roles within a very tiny frame at best.

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