Community Needs Survey - Tell Us How You Play

The Survey:

Hey folks, jsat here. The Verm community has changed a lot in the year since release and this survey was designed to help us learn

  1. Where we are now

  2. Where we want to go

  3. How we can get there

We really appreciate your time. Effort was made to keep the survey short. Unless you want to tell us more, this survey will take less than 3 minutes. Thanks guys!


Thanks. Filled out and submitted.

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It is comically ironic that someone who might be identified as a community champion deigns to pop in and asks this community on the official forums how to engage with the community more when that person spends absolutely no time here and the Dev’s don’t post a thing here either.

Still, there’s a survey about what the community needs which is nice.




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In my opinion the solution to all the problems of Vermintide is very simple -> Content

We have a game with the best combat system currently (at least for me), with an incredible warhammer lore and powerful graphics.
What do the players want? As usual! Maps, weapons, enemies, heroes, cosmetics …

Soon we will have an expansion with new enemies, weapons and maps, it´s perfect Fatshark, I encourage you to continue like this.

And finally, copy the best games, like Diablo 2. I’ve also seen that Titan Quest has taken out a new expansion 13 years later, that’s the way!


Titan Quest earn new DLC few days ago called Atlatntis :wink: For the rest, full agreement all that ppl want is good and real content.

This is a messed up take, IMHO.

Jsat loves the game and wants more people to discover it and play it at a high level. That’s pretty much the whole story. You can label him a “community champion” if you like but you honestly think he’s obligated to be an active member in every sub-community or else he’s being… an elitist prick?

He’s not a developer. He’s not on FS payroll. He’s a regular guy with a job and a family taking his own time and energy to try to boost the Vermintide community in general. I’m amazed that anyone could feel motivated to sneer at that.


I agree, but it would be nice to see more of the prominent members of the community participate more in the official channels too, instead of just streams, Reddit or third-party Discord channels. Well, in addition to more apparent presence from the devs too.


Despite my agreement with what you’re saying, I don’t blame any one person because we all run out of time or prefer to spend time in other ways (I’ve been painting a lot lately instead of playing Vermintide… gotta get my Blood Bowl teams ready for the pitch!). We are all only human and can’t be everywhere at once.

I do hear what you are saying, though.


Absolutely. But to call them out for not doing that? That’s nonsense, IMHO.

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