A Ray of Light

Hey Fatshark and Community!

Its been about 12 years since playing a game online where I have felt genuine teamwork, progression and friendship. Modern games have left me more and more despondent and an increased turn toward single player games. Graphically games have improved giving wonderful vistas and worlds to explore however gameplay and story are severely lacking. Communities are extremely rare and the trend toward match making are pushing players further apart than bringing them closer. Gameplay has been stripped right back to basics making actions overly simplistic and camera position game breaking.

Vermintide 2 breaks from the norm a 4 player coop with gut wrenching first person melee. The last time I played 4-coop was gauntlet on the C64 with 3 of my sisters (2 watched 2 played), regardless of the pedantics Gauntlet was great and was the only game we played other than Winter Games as a family. Fast forward and we have a first person version but the simplistics of topdown (3rdperson) view removed. I feel like I jumped into a portal from the 80s into the world of Warhammer… Tomb raider was the first game to scare the **** out of me when I heard foot steps of a T-REX the panic and loss of controls (joystick across the room)!! Fast forward 20 years to Dreisdunkel Mine when 4 (maybe 5) bile trolls get released. Well let say I havent had this much fun in gaming.

Though my access to the community is limited and small I feel apart of it. I admire youtubers J_sat and Quantum Charlie for sticking with it they’ve taught me alot and certainly got me on my feet. Twitch intervention is inspired and a mechanic that with a greater following would make audience participation in gaming a thing… Vermintide is the only game I feel happy to ‘Quick play’ knowing I will have 3 other team mates join me for an adventure willing to learn and happy to help. I feel the game realises its limitations and where people will try to exploit it, it doesnt matter!! the rules are simple stay together or prepare to get owned alone… The developers have also been responsive to the community and its surprising the number of changes to the spawn rates, book positions etc to help gameplay become alittle less tedious (for people who are just wanting to grind). Ok I think we all want more from the warhammer universe but where some games developers/publishers are almost opposed to the gamers demands, Fatshark gives us hope that they plan on expanding Vermintides grasp on the world of warhammer in the most immersive game ever to be played in the universe.
Thank you


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