Community Challenge: Complete!

Congratulations , Heroes!

With 5 hours and 30 minutes remaining , you hit the target of 500,000,000 ! That’s half a billion (and there would be countless more if we included all the failed missions)! There were some worried faces at various points throughout this challenge — concerned that they thought this wouldn’t be toppled, but you prove time and time again that you’re capable of any challenge we throw at you (and then some)!

To celebrate your victory we’re also giving everyone TRIPLE XP for 24 hours, starting Midnight tonight (CEST) to 23:59 CEST tomorrow (that’s all day May 1st)!

The portrait frame will be distributed soon™ - on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this will be included with the free Drachenfels update, and on PC in the next patch.


Congrats to all!

Could you maybe show how much kills we would have had together with failed missions?
Especially during this weeks event i lost more missions than i would like to admit, but still with a ton of kills.


That would indeed be quite interesting.

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This event was great fun, and it really did have an impact on the community. Everyone I’ve played with has been a great laugh and really changed the way people played together, for me at least. It’s also been some kind of unofficial training for people who didn’t think they could handle legend to move up.

Also I’ve never had so much fun developing tendonitis in my hands and drying my eyes out from not blinking very often. Well done!


Relatable. Also never really felt more triggered at peoples’ weapon choices for trying the weekly event (throwing axes and 1h axes for example) but you get what you get.

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let the gushing of [censored] ceremony begin!!!

sound trumpets

Woooo gj everyone!!

Also, are there any news regarding the 3x xp event reward eg its start time?

Updated the news article :slight_smile:

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24h is not enough when a whole week end awaits for us :’(

So we get it 2021?^^


Kinda fun that they used catacomb part of Convo for background rather then Shallya hospice one.

No Friday Dev Blog today?

edit: Well that is too bad. I know you just posted this challenge completion announcement yesterday, but I’ve been looking forward to these blogs recently to get an idea of where you’re going now that Drachenfels is finished.


Can we get some info on S3 start and what to expect content wise?

Soon, hopefully.

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