Combat knife punch

Wondering why they removed the combat Knife ability to stagger Carapace and Flaked armoured enemies all but the Gunners (HSVolly gunner and heavy stubbers). the purpose of the punch was to inttturpted with a timed punch the attack so you could hit back before they started up again like with the crusher and mauler overhead or swings. or the maniacs flurry. the purpose of the knife punch is to stagger/stun the enemy for a few seconds. but you have seemingly removed this explain why? how does it balance the knife out. can’t see any posts or note on the combat dagger punch ability in any of the patch notes released in steam or in the forums. so where is it gone? as it use to be there.

have you moved up in difficulty?

Damnation and Heresy. zero stagger which isn’t what they had before the most recent major update (into the malestrom).

That’s what @cedric.d.schmidtke is referencing. At higher difficulty tiers enemies have higher HP pools and higher stagger resistance.

There is also a modifier in auric levels that boosts this further and gives some enemies new properties, too, like the mutant grab being much longer.

regular damnation nothing special, but i remember it being there till the into malestrom.
nothing special unless your saying they reworked the enemies levels of into resistance when they did the into the malestorm. update but they spefic that Auric Mission where mdofiers rather then complete re-work of damnations.

To be honest, I have always used the punch to chain an heavy hit just after… never really noticed a staggering effect.

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