Combat Axes need some sort of tweak

As it stands, they feel a bit slow, even for their damage output. Perhaps a very slight attack speed buff, though not as much as the Tactical Axe, would help them out.

Yeah… except that they are really very good on zealot, with his crit talents, att speed passive (/active), and martyrdom.

Increase their attack speed even more, and crit zealots will go whooshh. I think they are fine as they are, if you are vet/psyker main, you are far better with different weapons.


Suppose that is the issue with having shared weapon types, like how the bolter is good for zealot, but can be absolutely devastating on a veteran.

As stated above combat axe is already very good on Zealot. My real question is, does anybody use any other variant than the MK V and if so why? Can’t work out why I’d use either of the other two variants.

Randomness of loot really.
I had a MK2 before a a 380 mkV fell in my preacher lap. Though to be honest, I can’t tell the differences now.

My main issue with axes is they don’t seem to cleave anything.
They should in theory, MKV does have 2 cleave stats, but really in practice they don’t.
They still seem the best melee weapon over all for psyker and zealot, with power sword being all cool with sunglasses (nerf ? what nerf ?) in the veteran’s corner.

I think I’ve tried the various variants and didn’t feel that any were particularly bad, but I’ll have to go back and check.

Their hitbox is very different.

Check the last 2 videos, if bugs are fixed, with Brutal momentum, Rashad can compete with Mk5 because of its single DPS potential.

So far only MKV seem to be worth using(and it’s so freaking good)

MKII seem to have really wonky hitbox, I can’t even hit enemy head consistenly with it

MKIV have worst weakpoint damage than MKV even though most of its move are pure horizontal smackdown. I don’t know why I would use it over MKV when MKV can also hit 2 enemies with enough cleave or more if it have brutal momentum.

Same question goes for the Ogryn Rippers.
MKII is just the superior one.

Nope a good axe got the blessing who ignore mass on crit, or weak spot witch you can use to cleave throught everything with the hight damage of the axe.