Colour the border of missions based on per-character completion

In order to unlock black hats and outfits you need to complete all Helmgart missions on legendary. Instead of having to open Okris tome every time I thought of a more elegant solution. When you open the mission selection screen it colours each mission icon with a metallic border based on the difficulty completed. However this is account wide, so once you do everything on legend the board will be solid gold.

My suggestion would be to change the border colour based on what character you have selected. So if you pick a mission as Sienna and you have never done War Camp on legend the border of that mission would be grey/bronze/silver instead of gold. This way you can tell at a glance which missions you still have to do.


I do not see much point in this. Opening the challenge window and the mission window takes the same amount of time.

It saves time because you don’t have to open Okris menu, switch to the career tab and then scroll down the list until you can see the achievement, that can take a lot of time for the third character class. Plus this would work for all campaigns, including the “play all 3 back to Ubersreik missions” achievement which is all the way at the bottom of the list.

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No it doesn’t lol you have to click several things and scroll in okri to get the info, and THEN you still have to go to the mission screen and queue up. This change would cut the time by more than 1/2.

Great idea tamren I’d love to see it implemented


I thought it already does show you the difficulty of each map by highlighting the edges. But I think it only does it once. So once you finish each on legend once, they’ll always be shown that way.

Yeah… like OP said? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I shouldn’t reply at 2am lol. Muh bad


Well, there’s a mod for it now. Just awaiting FS approval.

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