Idea: Okri's Challenges Pinned HUD & Border HUD

Okri’s Challenges Pinned HUD:
For a while now, I’ve wanted the ability where you can pin 3 or so of Okri’s challenges to your HUD,
so that you can see them in-game while doing a mission (like with the contracts in vermintide 1). Maybe make a toggle to show it only when showing the stats screen or always in-game. Then it could update in real-time with a ‘virtual’ counter in a different colour (like blue), meaning that the counting is only added (in orange) when the mission ends , like always.

This is much easier than tediously opening the menu everytime in the lobby, searching for the right challenge and where it closes because you get disconnected or because a new game request pops up, because you were too slow, etc…

Maybe it’s more for in-game challenge completionists, but it could help a lot. Especially if you are doing all careers on Legend, so that you can see which ones you haven’t cleared yet (which is what I see a lot of people are doing).

Border HUD:
Also with completing all levels on all difficulties with each character, it is not really clear which character actually ‘earned’ the corresponding border for the right difficulty. You can only see 1 career with the ‘earned’ border at a time.

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