Completion stats to the default UI too and an Okri challenge for being a completionist

In the last october’s update, the developers changed how the mission selection UI looks for the controller users..

In the new UI you can see the highest difficulty you have completed the mission at each character (the color of the ocatgon) and the career you used.

Could we get this information to the regular UI as well? As a completionist, I have started a little project where I try to complete all the missions in the game on cataclysm with each character (ie, get the all the cataclysm octagons in the mission selection menu) and it’s a bit cumbersome to switch between console UI and regular UI just to check my progress.

Also, could this be a new Okri challenge? “Complete all missions in the game/Helmgart on Cataclysm difficulty with all characters.”

Or make it a Cataclysm version of the “Pantehon of Legend” challenge: Complete all Helmgart missions with all careers on Cataclysm difficulty.

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Don’t pin me down on the source. But I think that Fatshark said that the “regular UI” will be removed in the future because it is a pain to develop two different UIs. So, to a certain degree your wish will be fulfilled. In the short term, you can already switch to the console UI (there is a checkmark somewhere in the options) to get used to it as it will become standard anyway.

EDIT: This is what I found on quick search WTF happen with Reroll improvements being delisted from “approved”? :: Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Helmgart Keep - General Discussions (

Maybe there is a more final statement somewhere else.

exclusively console UI? ewww

Uh, I hope they at least make the “console UI” more comfortable to use with mouse. The current gamepad UI feels, I dunno, cumbersome and tedious to use with mouse.

Can’t pinpoint why it feels that way. I only have a feeling that I don’t want to use that version of UI any more than it is necessary.