Colors/dyes as rare collectibles hidden throughout the levels and/or as monster/sack rat drops

Yeah, I know, there’s a ton of other “to do” stuff that are more important than a possible dye system but I’d like to hear your opinion.
I guess that somebody at some point already suggested the same thing, but a quick forum search didn’t yield any results.
So, @Fatshark_Hedge, theoretically speaking, how easy/hard would it be for you guys to implement a color system? Let’s say that the dyes (check the image bellow) would be scattered all around the maps, or monsters drop them randomly. Dyes would follow the official GW color palette of course and it would be a good thing if there’s a limited palette for each of the characters (it would be really stupid and anti-lore if the IBs plate is dyed in goblin green e.g).
Why do we need this?

  1. Customization of color for all of us Fashiontide lovers.
  2. Because warhammer, and miniatures, and tradition, and fml it was hard to paint those eyes on the miniatures…
  3. Small bottles of dyes scattered all around the maps. You can completely ignore them if you are not into dyes and continue with your fast runs. Or, you can spend a little more time and search a little bit around. Or, apart from dices and pots, sack rats could also drop dyes.

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