Collectors Edition Digital Maps

Hi, sorry if this has been covered already. I bought the collectors edition last night and this morning I remeber mention of digital maps. I don’t know where to find those. I spent a little bit of time looking in game and can’t find them. Are the in a folder on my hard drive?

Edit: They are located here on my computer.

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sigh Yeah they are on my hard drive burried in the endless Steam folder. Would be cool if they showed up on my keeps wall.

I would also like to suggest a link to the folder on your hard drive for the collectors edition and whatever else may come, be placed on the launcher. Perhaps next to Mod Tools? I’m sure it’s something 90 percent of people don’t care about, hell I don’t eve care about it really, but this qustion will surely pop up here and there.

any chance of a hint as to where they are?

Sure, if you right click on the game name in Steam, choose “Veiw Downloable Content”, go to the “Local Files” tab and click on “Browse Local Files”.

You’ll see the Collectors Edition folder from there. or you can follow the path I posted just above this.

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