Will we be able to upgrade to the collectors edition after launch like in V1?

I bought the standard version but wouldn’t mind upgrading and getting the collectors stuff eventually and was wondering if there was any word on if we’ll be able to upgrade to collectors edition at a later date.

Since everything you get in the collectors edition is digital and i’ve already played too long to refund and buy the collectors edition. But if it was an option in the first game I don’t see why it couldn’t be an option now.


Yes. During the last dev stream they said that this is something they will do (if Steam allows it). However it won’t be sooner than after the official release date.


Cool then eventually when it goes on sale i’ll be sure to upgrade!

What extras does the Collector’s edition hold exactly?

Thanks for the reminder. I was thinking about what exactly a “Heroic Deed” would be.

I think they’ll end up being like the contract board in the first game.

Hmm. If it transfers into an extra slot for contracts, that’d be useful on some occasions.