CoD - event is not progressing and several bugs on other maps

Played Convocation of Decay today and got stuck in the final event (event bar was not progressing any further than ~20%), not sure if it’s just a random occurance or a bug (couldn’t do a second run). May need some confirmation. Don’t know if it matters but it was on Cata.

Minor other bug on that map: there is a hole in the ground (missing texture maybe) near the 3rd tome, sadly forgot to take screenshot.

Other minor bug’s on other maps:

No stairs in Holseher’s tower (don’t know how to reproduce but it just happened (or disappeared might be the better term) after a revive):

Hunger in the Dark:

The cart has no white outlines when you need to put in the barrels:

No more mission timer when holding tab (was a nice addition, please bring it back)

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