Convocation of decay finale bug

when doing the finale on convocation of decay the progress completely stopped at two thirds of the way done. my team was doing great handling the warriors with ease but as soon as the second summoner died the whole event just stopped progressing. the enemies did not stop spawning and me and my team must have killed dozens of CW and specials and ressurected each other countless times, but no matter what we did the bar didnt progress at all. so in conclusion the finale went from beinged cheesed by everyone to n´being completley broken.


There has to be some kind of trigger for this bug. But I had it happen one time before as well. The remaining runs worked normally though, so it does happen only in some instances.

Do you remember if someone of your team died inside or outside of the circle?

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Had this happen a long time ago the first time, though now hearing people mention it more so guess the anti-cheese made it worse. But definitely was a rare random issue before (probably pre-WoM).

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