Convocation of Decay Finale Not Progressing

I have played Convocation of Decay several times over the past two days (all on legend and all through specifically selecting the mission not through quickplay) and in two of my runs the progress bar stopped progressing past about the 1/3 mark right around when the yellow orb starts forming in the middle of the circle.

I believe that the issue may be caused by either the new Outcast Engineer class in general or specifically when hosting as said class. My reason being that I was able to complete it fine yesterday when playing as Zealot and with someone else was hosting.

In both of the relevant games I was the last player alive in at least one part of the finale, picked up my teammates after they had died, and continued in this manner until we all eventually made it back up into the circle but the bar would not progress any further even after a decent amount of time.

I don’t know whether the bug occurred the other times I played the mission as they ended pretty quickly once the event started and I never really got a good look at the progress bar before we wiped.

I have included the console logs from both sessions (zipped due to size constraints) and if I remember correctly the relevant games are the second game of 1/10/21 and either the last or second to last game of 1/9/21 (could have gone into early 1/10/21)

Let me know if the attachment doesn’t work properly, I’m somewhat new to this. (790.9 KB)


Got legend Convo twice yesterday and today in QP with my friend who was hosting and playing as OE and never had this occur even when everyone dropped off during elite phase.

This has been reported before numerous times last summer but it seems to only affect a small percentage of people. Something specific might be happening in order to trigger this bug.

Do you remember where your team died? Inside or outside the ritual circle? Was anyone standing behind the platforms when one of the sorcerers died? Were you outside the ritual circle for an extended amount of time? Long enough for the progress bar to retract? Do you remember if you dropped down before another sorcerer was about to die?

It would probably help to include everything that happened during the event (even if seems unimportant to you) that you can remember so if FS can’t find the problem in the console logs, the devs could use your information and try to recreate the issue.

Both times I spent a great deal of time outside of the circle since I was kiting the enemies and waiting for revives to come up and both times the rest of the team died either during or right after the first wave of elites with Chaos Warriors came.

In both cases someone stood on the little platform behind one of the sorcerers at at least one part of the encounter.

The encounter lasted easily over 7 minutes both times.

Both times I got in the mission from the mission select hosting not joining through lobby browser.

The strange thing for me is that it happened twice in two sessions. I also have to wonder if the rarity of the bug is at least in part to how many people leave the mission when they get it on legend or die too quickly to notice how much the event has progressed. Either could def skew data regarding reports.

This right here might be the trigger. That spot behind where a sorcerer used to be makes the player immune to specials targeting that player.

So by having players on that platform, the game might be acting as if they are all deceased or non-existent in the group so the event is not being fulfilled and actually might be blocking the bar from progressing.

Idk if it’s the reason why because no one in any of my groups jumps up there but this might be what’s causing it. Hopefully Fatshark can investigate it further.

That honestly sounds plausible.

Hopefully they they can fix it.

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