Convocation of decay finale lights flashing

When you kite around Convocation of decay circle, if you get too close to the circle you get the White flashing lights like you enter the circle, not sure if intended but its super annoying.

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This flashing when stepping in/out of the circle is annoying in any scenario.

I guess that there has to be some UI feedback that tells you whether you are in or out so that people know when they are progressing the event. But why not make it less disruptive (not to say disturbing) by giving players a simple screen effect (something like the one when you pick up the Blightreaper sword) that transitions seamlessly.

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I agree, also when the leeches explode and you have alot of stuff on you, it’s annoying. But like if it happens in the circle you can avoid it by kiting outside, but if it also happens when getting close to the wall, thats stupid. But it doesn’t happen alot that i get stuck near the circle, only when you mess up ur kite.

But yes either change the flashing light to something else, or atleast make it not happen when ur on the floor

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