Cloud Out Of Date on Steam

Game is failing to sync from the cloud. Game can launch perfectly fine, Cloud Status says, “Up To Date”, but upon launching I receive this;


It’s been 2 days since this issue has occurred, and I’m unsure of what to do from here, I’m afraid of losing progress if I were to launch the game anyways and start playing. Should I continue waiting or can this be resolved somehow?

Progress is stored on our servers, so it’s unlikely the Steam Cloud will impact that.

Is there any way I can ensure that no progress is lost? I apologize for being paranoid but would I be safe to launch the game regardless of the “Cloud Out of Date”? If something were to happen, how would I go about recovering?

Thanks a bunch.

Confirmed that on PC the only potential loss would be your keybindings, and your options may be reverted to their defaults. Progression-wise, everything will be maintained.

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