Client/ Server Authoritative Networking

In Vermintide 1 and 2 hit detection (shooting and melee) and blocking was done on the client. Hit response was done on the Server. This ist one of the main reasons, Vermintide is known for the exceptionally good melee combat (hit detection was just good).

In Darktide everything seems to be done on the Server (which is a good thing anticheat wise), but there is no Client Prediction done.
Hits on the client (with blood splatter and sound cues) are not registered on the Server in Melee and Ranged. This is an severe problem especially since the game has a much bigger focus on ranged gameplay than Vermintide has.

Why was this changed from Vermintide?
Why is there no form of Client Prediction implemented?
You can still have Server Authoritative Networking with Clients Inputs being processed against its state of simulation at that time.

There are many good talks about this from the Overwatch development team as well as libraries for recording boundingboxes and raycasting against these boundingboxes at an earlier point of time (Photon Bolt). You don’t even have the difficulty of deciding who to favor (e.g. dying behind a wall) as this is no PVP game.

Of Course I know, it’s not possible to directly use these libraries or implement these features, I only wanted to know the reasoning for not including these things, as a very solid hitdetection seems to be one of the core features of such a shooter/melee game.

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I get phantom hits at least a dozen times every game. Hit reg is just busted, and there’s no reason for hit detection to be all done on the server when this is not a PVP game. This also makes projectile behave like crap.
In VT2 almost everything was player-side and in 1000 hours I haven’t seen a single cheater.