Clarify terms: "Timed Block", "Parry", etc. and put a UI indicator when a Timed Block is active

Currently, the game uses the terms: " Timed block", “Blocking just an enemy attack is about to hit”, “Parry”, (and more recently in Patch 4.7) “Perfect Parry”, in descriptions to refer to the same thing. This is very confusing, especially since there’s the Parry weapon trait, separate from the Timed block talents and boons. I suggest that only the term “Timed block” be used in all descriptions of Timed blocks and leave “Parry” only to the Parry weapon trait to avoid confusion.

Also, it would be helpful to have a UI indicator that a Timed block is active. There’s the Parry Indicator mod, but it only works for the Parry weapon trait, and not Timed blocks in general.

If you look at the comments of the mod, you’ll notice that a lot of users are complaining that it doesn’t work, even though it actually does, as it only works for the Parry weapon trait. People are getting confused by the terms used by the game for Timed blocks.