PS4 Chaos Wastes Parry doesn’t work

Get all blocks are parries
Block an attack
Lose stamina every time you block

Hi @FrivolousWizard,
Parries cost stamina unless you have the “Parry” weapon trait. However, all of your blocks counting as parries will still provide stagger benefits.

If it’s working as intended it’s wrong in the description. Parry only exists as a weapon trait. Therefore: all blocks are parries means all blocks cost zero stamina.

If the boon gives “increased timed block window” or “all blocks count as timed blocks” then please give it that description for clarity.

Timed blocks on their own do nothing.

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Parry dont exist only as weapon trait. Its literally parries cost 0 stamina nothing more

Does WHC or GK talent say on parry gain buff? Nope.

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