Citadel not unlocked after all four frames

Citadel mission is not unlocked. I have all four frames from the four other missions, courage etc. I completed them through lobby browser, is that the problem? So I have to host or quick play them all?

Edit: or perhaps I have to play them from the very start instead of joining mid-run?

Had the same issue: Expeditions where I joined someone else through the lobby browser did not unlock for me. Only after I completed them as host did I unlock them for good.

For clarification, you cant launch a citadel expedition from the custom game selection in the basement map selection?


You have to unlock those? I am fairly sure i could do it from the start whenever i wanted although i never tried and just spammed the QP expedition O_O

We’ll need a Steam profile to be able to look up what might be happening there. If you could DM me one if you prefer not to post it, it would be helpful!

same issue for me, DM’ing Hedge my steam profile.

After playing several quickplays I’m now able to access it, not sure why though.

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