Christmas event?

What do you think Fatshark has planned for Christmas? I want to see all the characters we know and love from the Mourningstar crew get together and celebrate. Maybe the event will involve a little side story to add to the wholesomeness, kind of like what Genshin Impact does.

Xmas in WH40k is Emperors day or something they call it. same principle.

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Maybe we’ll all get presents

It is called Sanguinala and it commemorates the sacrifice of the Primarch Sanguinius.


I honestly cant remember, I just recall something from a ciaphas cain book about emperors day eve and presents

Maybe we’ll all get a better game worth playing.


If Fatshark wants to do this right, I propose that we have a proper Sanguinala/Slaaneshmas where we will celebrate the thing that unites us all:

XENOPHOBIA. On the 24th, we shall unite as a species once more and Fatshark will temporarily give half of the player base a chaos skin, while leaving the other half unchanged. At the same time, the heretic mobs currently in the game get replaced by orks/tau/eldar etc. Like that, loyalists and traitors alike can fight side by side in a heart-warming expression of humanity’s RAGING NEED TO MURDER, SLAUGHTER AND RAZE EVERYTHING THAT IS NOT LIKE US.


Sounds very wholesome! Fatshark plz!