Blood for the Blood God

Hello. So as you may know the Games Workshop event “Blood for the Blood God” is coming up in May. Last year we just got a portrait frame and keep decorations, and I wouldn’t expect anything more for this year. An update with balancing, bug fixes, and sactioned mods would be cool though.

What are people’s thoughts on this?

Collecting the golden skulls like the event in VT1 was pretty good fun. More of that would be nice. I’d quite like a “Trial of the Foolhardy:Bloodbath edition” or something similar.

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I remember during one of the Fatshark streams, a Dev said that event rewards are exclusive and if you miss them, you miss them. The way she made it sound, is that they are one time only rewards. So I’m not sure if they will add them back in every year…

It might be a different portrait or perhaps some art work or something. To be perfectly honest, I don’t think they are going to do anything. The new expansion is not that far off if they are still trying to hit that summer release. All their attention is probably focused on that.


Isn’t it unusual that all warhammer games are on sale and (sometimes) even do something special?
It wouldn’t wonder me if participation is required by GW contract.

Anyway I hope for some heretical art.

While, like @SmokerT69, I’m not expecting much because most of the team is working on WoM, I still think (and hope) there is some kind of event. Something akin to the bonfires in winter or the skull collection would be nice; something requiring a bit more effort to do than “play QP 10 times”. FS has banged out awesome events with just a couple of guys in a short time, so it’s not unheard of.

And yeah, I suspect that for yearly events, each year will bring new frames to brag with. I wouldn’t be horribly surprised if some of the older ones were brought back too, but I suspect at least one for each event will be kept as an exclusive, for people to show how long they’ve been playing.