Sanguinala\ Winter event

I wonder if there will be a Christmas event in darktide, the equivalent of Christmas in 40K is Sanguinala, it would be nice, but looking at the current state of the game, you will probably see something like this next year at the earliest. Shooting cultists and guardsmen in santa suits would be funny, at least in red/green hats.

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Dude they can’t even get baseline features in the game they worked on for VT2. You must be joking


Why? It’s not an awful request, it’s just that they most certainly cannot implement something like this at this time, because they don’t have a functioning game at the moment.

But calling the request a joke is surely nonsensical. It’d be nice to have a Winter event in this game, given how dull and lifeless the hub station is.

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Don’t be surprised.
Events like these are marketing basically.
No one will go “We have to change the product before we market it” when it’s out there.

Add skins to the shop for the event and engagement will rise and income with that, regardless of the state of the game.

I mean its a good request. You’re just asking a lot from a company that can’t deliver on basic things.

I want an eldar corsair class. But I’d rather Fatshark fix their damned game first.

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Their game ain’t even feature completed. Lacking PROMISED features. Them diverting effort in order to drop a winter themed event would put a bad taste in a lot of players’ mouths.