Choosing "leave game" makes it so I can't join games until restarting Steam

Issue Summary:
Not sure how else to describe it. There is a good chance when I choose “leave game” from the menu after a round that I cannot join any games until restarting Steam. It waits 30 seconds and times out and says “connection failed”. No matter what games I try joining. If I host it’s fine, people can connect to me normally. It’s only me joining others after “leave game” that breaks.

There’s no crash logs or anything I can provide that I know of. I’ve verified the integrity of the game files many times. This issue has persisted since the big balance patch, before that I do not remember having this issue. I’ve rebooted my PC. I’m on the latest Windows 10 patches and have everything up to date on my PC. It’s only this game with this issue. VT2 ports are forwarded on my router just in case. Rebooting the game doesn’t fix it, only Steam. I’ve changed my Steam download location. I’ve disabled mods completely and issue persists.

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