Maan, was hoping we would get the ability to change the “personality” aka voice of the character. That was literally the only thing I thought would be cool there, even for some additional cost (maybe even the special requisitorium currency). I wanted to hear the different voice lines, personalities etc. since that’s one of the most fun elements of the game. Am I the only one?


The Chirurgeon should allow for full rerolls, sorry not sorry, body type, personality and height its literally already built in the character creator. Don’t be lazy because you paid some witty voice actor to say he cant cant change your personality. You pushed customization…do so.


Agreed! The voice preview at character creation really doesn’t let you understand how the character will be in game with banter and all. Let us change the voice!


This! You have to play a character for a few hours to really get a feel for the personality. Hopefully after full release there will be a way. Also, as ways to monetize a game go, voice packs seem about the least offensive option, but we’d need a way to avoid buyer’s regret from a short sample.

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Agreed with yall. I love that they actually give you a short story telling when you first decide between the voices, instead of some stupid grunts and such. That’s very nice. But yes, I would love to hear all the banter, be able to change the voice and gender to experience it all, because let me tell you, the voice acting is 11/10 and I want to enjoy all it can offer!

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I support this idea, even if I understand the current status because of lore reasons, sometimes, a game should allow this sort of stuff to happen. Especially as we can’t create any amount of combinations of sex + personalities. We really should be able to change it all (including size, sex, and story, as nothing gameplay wise, is linked to thoses).

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