Character re-customization after creation

What we need is the ability to re-customize the looks of the player characters after you’ve played with them, without needing to make a new character from the start.

Meaning having the ability to change hair, beard, facial features, tattoos etc.
For reference please see Monster Hunter character re customization.


I’d like to be able to change all of the personalised details, not just the visuals.

That said, aren’t there restrictions on the cosmetics available based on your background or whatever?

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I do not believe so, the only thing it affects is voice lines and eye color for Cadians.

Don’t worry, they’ll add a service that can be bought with in-game premium currency.

I think we shouldn’t be able change backstory. How you change where u were born and temper??

But tattoo and hair is good suggestion. Because even with pre-order we get unique tattoo for ogrin.

Hope it can be done without premium currency